The dashboard enables users to focus on the most important loans that need to be addressed by how long they have been in a particular status. Pipeline management will be more efficient as data will not be managed on external sources, such as spreadsheets.

Here are the one word descriptions of the X-Ray Dashboards:

  • Easy
  • Robust
  • Fast
Jennifer Cowles

Vice President of Mortgage Lending Division, Workers Credit Union

The X-Ray Dashboard offers BVM a very efficient and reliable resource to capture the necessary information allowing our management team to quickly assess production levels, trends, business mix. The simplicity of the X-Ray dashboard and user interface make it an excellent tool to quickly dive into, grab the intel you are looking for, and move on… Having only six tiles to navigate and manage along with the user friendly layout and color scheme, which we picked by the way, has facilitated adoption of the system across the management team. The six tiles are comprised of Loans in Process, Workflow, Loan Mix, Activity, Closed Loans, and Funded by LO. Each tile provides basic information which is further backed by a deeper dive via a simple click on that “Tile” should the user need the information.

The Dashboard is honestly production oriented without providing too much information leading to confusion or ambiguity. We are rolling to our loan officers, processors and loan officer assistants over the next 30 days with the intent to measure the impact on overall workflow and pipeline management.

Here are the one word descriptions of the X-Ray Dashboards:

  • Informative
  • Simplistic
  • Intuitive
  • User Friendly
Michael Pankow

Executive Vice President of National Production, American Pacific Mortgage

It helps manage our pipeline flow of volumes for our different roles and knowing when we need additional staffing. It also assists us in identifying areas that need attention in terms of turn times in the milestones of the loan manufacturing process. It gives us our time back as we no longer are tied down to manually preparing reports, even with the assistance of our loan origination systems. It is easy to filter and change up the information quickly from units to volume views.

This is very cutting-edge for business intelligence reporting. The visuals are right on target with all the different levels of data.

Here are the one-word descriptions of the X-Ray Dashboards:

  • Visual
  • Impactful
  • Detailed
  • Insightful
Rolanda Legg

VP of Production, First Arkansas Financial/FirstTrust Home Loans

X-Ray has allowed us to track originations and new loans coming in. We are now tracking whether we’re having delays in processing. We can see how many days we might be out in processing and it helps manage our locks so things don’t get extended.

I find it simple to use because you can go in there and view it on a per unit or dollar basis and hit a key and toggle back and forth between number and dollar amounts. That’s important when looking at production.

Checking X-Ray is part of my daily business routine now to see my where my loans are at.

Here are the one-word descriptions of the X-Ray Dashboards:

  • Convenient
  • Immediate
  • Accurate
  • Time-savings
Bob Siefert

Sr. Vice President, Guarantee Mortgage

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