X-Ray has the unique distinction of being developed by and for mortgage professionals.

At times, third-party systems don’t always speak our language. X-Ray is the exception.

Here’s how it works:

The X-Ray Mortgage Intelligence Platform enables mortgage branches/businesses to close more loans and decrease operational overhead. X-Ray does this by allowing mortgage branches to quickly forecast close rates in order to evaluate progress at the touch of a button. It also features a goal report that assigns grades to the production of employees based on their goals. It can be set to give exclusive viewing rights to managers to quickly evaluate employee productivity.

When analytics and reports are accessible and clear, we know what happens next: These reports help drive top-level decisions. There really is nothing more powerful than streamlining this all-important process.

X-Ray streamlines the loan cycle monitoring, diagnose bottlenecks in the loan steps, increases profitability, provides internal accountability and transparency, improves compliance and accuracy and more! But don’t just take our word for it, check out this interview with one of our clients.


We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Bob Siefert, Sr. Vice President of Guarantee Mortgage. Bob is a veteran in the mortgage industry and he let us know how X-Ray has changed his day-to-day approach at his mortgage branch in San Francisco. He praises how intuitive the system is to use and how X-Ray allows for collaboration between him and his staff. And more importantly, how it allows him to step into the future.

What was the No. 1 thing that made you decide to use X-Ray?

I didn’t have any one place to go to see my entire loan pipelines – what’s closing and what’s not closing. It was cumbersome. X-Ray was able to consolidate everything into one neat package.

How much of a problem is the lack of accurate data tracking/reporting in mortgage branches?

I think it is a big problem. How many loans have been originated, what stage they are in the process, what is out with docs, what is scheduled to close – the list goes on. I want to know what my month is going to look like.

It is a matter of time and collecting data from a variety of sources quickly. Trying to collect that data has been really cumbersome in the past, and then it falls by the wayside. I don’t think I have ever had this type of reporting since I have been in the industry.

How has X-Ray helped your business the most?

X-Ray has allowed us to track originations and new loans coming in. We are now tracking whether we’re having delays in processing. We can see how many days we might be out in processing and it helps manage our locks so things don’t get extended.

Do you find it simple to use, and why?

I find it simple to use because you can go in there and view it on a per unit or dollar basis and hit a key and toggle back and forth between number and dollar amounts. That’s important when looking at production.

What would you say to a mortgage professional who is on the fence about using X-Ray?

It is automatic. Checking X-Ray is part of my daily business routine now to see my where my loans are at. The processor, loan agents have it personalized. You are all looking at the same numbers.

Can you give us four, one-word descriptions of X-Ray?

Convenient, immediate, accurate, time-savings. It’s a huge time-saver – no more emailing various sources.


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