X-RAY Dashboards ROI Calculator

The very nature of the loan manufacturing process means there is a lot of time spent tracking and reporting on statuses and updates. This means that any strategy that could reduce the time spent on these activities is uniquely positioned to make a the most impact on your bottom line.  Below, enter some basic information about each of your cost centers, and you will be amazed to see how much of your resources are being used for these processes.  For each section estimate the amount of time spent on data collection and reporting. Then enter the known compensation information as well.  The pre-populated values represent industry averages for benchmarking if you are interested.

Once you have entered the information, sit back and consider the results. What should/could I be doing with that time? 

Total value of all time wasted each month on loan tracking activities:

Total Realized Monthly Savings:

Total Annual Savings:

Total Annual Cost:

Total Annual ROI:

  • Management

  • Branch

  • Operations

  • Loan Originators

  • Totals

  • This is the total value of all the time wasted that you could have been using to recruit new producers, building a new branch, and selling more loans.
  • X-Ray Cost Information

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